Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Summer Reading: High Tide Club

Earlier this summer I shared a list of nine titles I wanted to read in the next few months.  I didn't start right in on the list, and I've read plenty of other books besides those I listed, but I like the idea of picking out a few titles that I don't want to forget about as time passes.  

High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews is the second book on the list for the Summer of 2018.  Although there are many series and authors I don't keep up with, Andrews is an author whose books I read as soon as they are published.

The High Tide Club is a great addition to her body of work and a perfect book to take along to the beach or pool.

Brooke is a single mother trying to make ends meet as a new lawyer in a small beach town when she is summoned to the the island home of Josephine Bettendorf Warrick, an elderly millionaire.  Brooke has no idea what this woman could want from her, but after meeting her and hearing Josephine's request, Brooke is intrigued.  Not only does Mrs. Warrick want Brooke to help her protect the island where her home sits from developers, she also wants to reconnect with friends she hasn't seen in decades and make amends for how their friendship ended.

While this story unfolds, Andrews takes us back in time as well, and we meet Josephine and her girlfriends when they were young and beautiful.  And we also learn of a murder that has never been solved.

Andrews latest book is a perfect beach read. I love books set in the South, the island and beach locale, the mystery and suspense this story has, and the romance that is also there.  Andrews' books have been must-reads for me for years. It is hard to imagine there are people out there who have yet to read her work, but his would be a great book to start with if this is a new-to-you author, and one of her best books yet, in my opinion.

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Kay said...

I think I need to put this on my list for reading later this summer. We'll have another trip and I'll have another blog break. This looks perfect!