Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Five: May the Fourth Be With You

At 4:30 this morning when I checked Facebook I was already informed that this is May the 4th Day.  I'm not a Star Wars person at all, but I do always think of a childhood friend and his family who are all about it.  I'm sure they will be celebrating.  

I'm celebrating the continued spring weather here.  Finally it feels warm enough to want to be outside.  

And that also means much of what I'm finding online to share is very spring or summer appropriate.

1.  Roches Crocheted Tank - I'm thinking that a tank underneath would be a necessity and this sort of takes me back to the 70s when I might have owned something eerily similar, but I like this.

2.  Tarifa Jersey Dress - Boden has this available in a few color options and, as always, dresses do catch my eye.  I feel like this doesn't seem overly dressy, though, so I might even just want to throw it on for everyday wear.

3.  The Classic Shirt - I'm all about the classic shirt, and I know I keep sharing this on my Friday posts, but they keep coming out in different prints.

4.  Seacoast Dress - for me this would be something I would use as a swimsuit coverup.  I like a lot more coverage to my clothes.  However, I do love how it looks.

5.  Coral Springs Tie Neck Dress - and apparently this must be the week for dresses. I like this one, too.

6.  Rachel Chino Shorts - I have yet to dig out my shorts, which might happen this weekend.  I am sure I will need a pair or two to update my wardrobe, so I'm keeping my eyes out for ones I like.  I love the little pink dots on these and the fact that you can order them in four different lengths.

7. Dobby Seersucker Gingham Popover - popovers and gingham together. Yes, please

8.  Bateau Tee- Summer Stripe - I really am eyeing the T, but since I have a denim jacket and similar necklace, am liking the whole outfit.

9.  Mr. Rogers Postage Stamps - I saw recently that Mr Rogers stamps were going to be issued.  Such a blast from the past.  

10.  Meghan and Harry Life Size Cutouts - a while ago I entertained (very briefly) the idea of throwing a party to watch the royal wedding. Of course the party would need to start at 4 AM and I don't think I'd have anyone show up. But if I did throw a party, I would want these life-size cutouts of the royal couple.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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