Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Five

We've had a week full of icy, icky weather.  I am excited that next Friday it will already be March, which means this weather can't stick around forever.

Here are some things I found this week that have caught my eye:

1. Sleeveless Victorian Lace Blouse in Swiss Dot - this blouse comes in a few colors, but I'm sort of partial to the white.  If I had a tan, it would look amazing.

2.  Short Sleeve Denim Pullover Shirtdress - I think this one looked cuter at the store than in this picture. My girls weren't impressed when I showed them, and I didn't have time to try it on, so that's as far as that went. I think a little sweater or a scarf with it would really jazz it up.

3.  Denim Sleeveless Popover Tunic - and while I was looking at the Gap online site, this popped up as something I might like.  Yes, please. 

4.  Pioneer Woman Bakerware - despite having been married for twenty years I apparently am lacking a pan of these dimensions.  I used a recipe this week that I have made a few times and each time I make it, I'm without the correct size pan. It might be time to remedy that.  And the Pioneer Woman's things are always so cute.

5.  Easy Circle Cardigan - I think Big Mama might have this one on her Fashion Friday post today...this is something I actually ordered because Nordstrom is having pretty great sales. My cardigan should arrive today.

6.  Camo Sweatshirt Pullover - while I was browsing Nordstrom online, this popped out.  It's camo, which means I need it. Right?

7.  Twist Front Cozy Fleece Pullover - I've seen the little knotted to the side look for a while and probably even posted a few things along these lines on other Friday Five posts.  I'm still seeing this style and I'm still liking it.

8.  Adrenaline GTS 18 Running Shoe - I am on the lookout for a new pair of Brooks running shoes.  I am loving the gray color that seems to be popular right now.

9.  Love Your Shelf Tank - I'd never heard of, but this site has some very cute workout attire.

10.  Bible Binge podcast - Knox and Jamie from The Popcast are kicking off their new podcast this week. I've listened to their discussion the Adam and Eve story and am anxious to see what they next discuss.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?


Angela said...

I really like that white lace shirt and the cardigan. I love cardigans so much that I have them in pretty much every color.

Ti said...

You have excellent taste. I would wear anything you choose given my body was the perfect dimensions for such an item. LOL.

I am in a funk again. I need some new stuff but I go into this self loathing thing when I actually attempt to buy anything.

I am searching for that podcast you mentioned. It sounds very interesting.