Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Five

It's a snowy winter day here in northeast Iowa.  Last night I already knew that today was a snow day for me, and this morning my girls' school district also called off school. We've got several inches of new snow on the ground.  

I'll be happy to get a little cleaning done and a workout in.  After that it's some West Wing watching on Netflix and some reading.  

I looked at the things I found online this week, and even though it's winter here, I am starting to look ahead a little.  

1.  Anastasia Jersey Top - Boden has this in a few different colors. I like this color, but I also am enjoying the pink option.

2.   Betimo Embroidery Kimono- Johnny Was has such unique clothes. I love their things and the fact that not everyone will have what you do.

3.  Striped Long Sleeve Mock-Neck Pullover - this seems like a pretty basic piece to me.  It would go well by itself or with a cardigan, with jeans or khakis.  

4.  Rainbow Striped Oversize Sweater - I saw this on Big Mama's Fashion Friday post and couldn't help but share it here as well.  I love the stripes and I love the bright colors.

5.  Striped Tie-Sleeve T-Shirt - spring seems to be the time we see a lot of stripes. The tie on the sleeve is a nice twist on a standard top.

6.  Ruffle-Front Popover Shirt - I have two plaid popover shirts from JCrew Factory that I love. I'm thinking I'd love to get this to wear with some white jeans.

7.  Diet Coke - when I took the girls shopping last Saturday, Target was handing out samples of the new Diet Coke flavors.  Zesty Blood Orange and Ginger Lime have been hits at my house so far.

8.   Gap Fit Tulip Front Top in Brushed Jersey - a great top to relax in or wear to exercise.   

9.  My favorite Super Bowl Commercial- we were with friends for the Super Bowl this past weekend. I will admit that none of us were really hyped up for the game (which ended up being more exciting than any of us thought).  We also weren't playing close attention to the commercials, but we all noted this one, which is just plain fun.

10.  Tween Classics Mug -and the Modern Mrs. Darcy featured this mug on her blog this week.  There are other options (cookbooks, classics) but the tween classics mug is definitely my first choice.

So how about you? What caught your eye this week?


Tara @ Running 'n' Reading said...

Ooooh, this red and white striped top has my name all over it! I also love all things Boden, but my wallet does not - hahaha! I hope you have a great weekend, Tina!

Ti said...

Loving that rainbow striped sweater.

I was horrified the other day. My daughter had this beautiful cream colored, shaker knit turtleneck sweater and when I picked her up I noticed it looked weird. She cut the neck off!! You can't really cut shaker knits. She's been borrowing my clothes lately too so I told her no cutting anything of mine! I don't know why she likes my stuff because it's way too big for her size 3 body.