Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Five: Indecisive As the Groundhog

Happy Groundhog's Day!  It probably isn't a major holiday you've been planning for, but it is one I usually note, and despite what the groundhog's shadow says, am usually prepared for six more weeks of winter.

Right about now that sounds like a lot. But, I have watched this school year absolutely fly by so far, so six weeks?  Well, it will be here before we know it.

Part of me is still looking at winter stuff, and part of me has moved on to spring and summer.  These are a few things I found this week:

1.  Women's Legend Wash Crew Blend Striped Sweatshirt - a standard Eddie Bauer sweatshirt - which is really slightly nicer than most sweatshirts I own - would be perfect. This pink color says "spring" to me.

2.  Cormac Top - Camo and embroidery? Yes, please.  I think this looks comfortable as well, so it seems to be a win-win-win.

3.  Spot on Hair on Hide Earrings - I bought some leopard print earrings last year that I loved, and these would be a nice, new twist on that.

4.  Classic Crew Neck Sweater for Women - who doesn't need a sweater with a big bird on the front?  Old Navy has a couple of cute different sweaters with random items on them this spring. This is my favorite.

5.  Downkind Jacket - I love a good down jacket.  This one from Athleta comes in a few colors.

6.  Code Cracker Capri - last year Title Nine had some super cute printed capris that I never ended up purchasing.  I can't let that happen two years in a row. I love these.  

7. Pintuck Falls Top - I could spend hours looking at the Sundance catalog or website. They just have so many gorgeous, classy clothes.  

8.  Women's Classic Raincoat - not only did a down coat make my list this week, but so did a rain coat.  I have never purchased a nice rain coat for myself, but I love the stripes on this one and how crisp it looks.

9.  La Creuset Disney Ramekins - Williams Sonoma has a line of Disney products right now.  These are such cute little bowls.

10.  Slow Burn: A Podcast about Watergate - the podcast situation isn't as bad as the book situation, but my podcast list keeps growing.  I've listened to two episodes of this one.  It's interesting, entertaining and feels like a story.  Plus, I love history, so Slow Burn is right up my alley.

How about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

Now that I have unlimited data, I loaded up my phone with podcasts. KCRW's Bookworm is a given but I also added Here Be Monsters which is weird stuff but interesting stuff. I also added Penguin UKs podcast and Nerdist.

All of the items you chose for this week I am in love with. I love pink so much but it does not love me. If I wore that lovely pink striped sweatshirt, people would be asking me if I feel okay.

Those Mickey bowls caught my eye since my son is currently in that college program at Disney. He was working Main Street yesterday in Orlando and then lunching in the staff break room UNDER Main Street. It said it's surreal.