Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Five

It's Homecoming week here which has meant activities every night and crazy dress up days.  Unfortunately it is supposed to rain all day today. That means as a fair weather fan I will not be attending tonight's football game.  

I must have be in a shoe-shopping mood because I managed to find three pairs to include this week, and didn't find a single camo item to share.

Here is what I've enjoyed looking at this week:

1.  Life is Better With Chickens Around T - this company has a ton of cute t-shirts.  This is one of their most popular. It is super cute, but my mother, who grew up with chickens, would not say that life is better with them around.

2.  66 North Backpack - my mom recently got back from a trip to Iceland. While she was there she bought a 66 North backpack.  It is rubbery and would definitely keep everything dry (it rained her entire time there).  This bag is pricey but after seeing my mom's, I still want one.

3.  Perfect Pima Striped A-Line Top - I kind of have gotten out of the habit of shopping at JJill, but they have great clothes.  This t-shirt is one that I could wear to school or at home.

4.  Kenneth Cole Kalvin High Top Sneakers - and JJill also had these shoes. I've seen this style quite a bit this fall and may have to purchase a pair at some point.

5.  Loop Fringe Cardigan - this one makes my Friday Five list only because I find it very interesting.  And it reminds me of a sweater my mother-in-law has in her closet that I've never seen her wear.  It is much like this only in bright colors - and her children made fun of her the one time she put it on.  I'm not quite sure what to think of this one.....will this become a new, popular look?

6.  Puff Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater - Big Sister tried this sweater on at Abercromibe when we were at the Mall of America. She is really good about waiting for things to go on sale.  This one is currently 40% off for the weekend, so I'm thinking I'll buy it and put it away for Christmas.  Unfortunately she spotted it first. I really like it, too.

7.  Dr. Scholl's Scout Slip-on Sneakers - this is pretty popular style right now. But the wine colored fur ones are a new twist to this shoe. And I love it.

8.  Everyone's a Reader T - I have a growing stash of reading/library Ts.  This may be one I need to purchase.  

9.  Bass Whitney Weejun Loafers - once again I'm taken back to the early 1990s. If only I would have saved my shoes from high school and college. I still love how a good loafer looks.

10.  Monarchy on Audible - the newest thing I'm listening to is on Audible. This podcast-like production tells the story of Queen Elizabeth's life. If you are a Crown watcher, this would be a great listen.

So that's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?

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Ti said...

But, did you ever actually stick a penny in your penny loafers?? I did! Those shoes were so well made too.

I like the fluffy sweater but I feel that for me, it would look ridiculous. I see a very willowy girl carrying something like that off.