Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Five

Today is our first teacher professional development day of the year.  That means a lot of meetings.  I'm still new to the middle school game, so I have no idea what these meetings entail or how they are different from the long and boring elementary meetings I was accustomed to sitting through. I have a book packed in my bag just in case an opportunity to read presents itself, along with a notebook to jot down the many things I keep meaning to add to my "to do" list. 

I did find some great things online this week - and despite it being nearly 90 degrees here today, most of them scream "fall."

1.  Breathe Logo T - I have plenty of old, icky t-shirts to work out in. But this shirt is what I wish I had to exercise in. I think I'm due for a t-shirt upgrade soon, and new t's from Gapfit would be perfect.

2.  Women's Floral Tiered Ruffle Blouse - I saw this at Target and wish they would have had it in my size.  I have an outdoor wedding to attend next weekend, and I don't really feel like wearing a skirt to something outdoors when it might be cool - especially since I think the evening activities are also outdoor ones.  I might try a different Target this weekend with the hopes that they have this same shirt in stock. (BTW I have navy dress pants from my most recent StitchFix delivery that would work well with it).

3.  Slouchy Crop Denim Overalls - it feels like not that long ago that I had a few pairs of Gap overalls in my closet.  They are long gone, but lo and behold, the overalls are back in style.   I don't think they would be something I'd pick right now to add to my closet, but I still like them.

4.  Women's Sherpa Lined Twill Parka - who wouldn't love a camo jacket to wear in the winter?!

5. Asymmetrical Snap Pullover - I actually ordered this for myself and was excited it arrived yesterday. It's cozy and warm which isn't something I need right now since the temps are supposed to reach the upper 80s today, but soon I will be happy to reach for it.

6.  Patchwork Salutation 7/8 Tight - there are some new tights at Athleta for the fall. I like a lot of them and I'm thinking that when I upgrade my t-shirts, I might need to upgrade my leggings as well.

7.  Library Card Mug -these are sold individually or in a set of four different colors for $30 for the set. I so want these.  

8.  TOMS Classic Aplargata Crepe Slip-On - and I've found a new pair of shoes that I've ordered and worn already.  My heels are super narrow and I always have a problem with shoes slipping. These do slip a little on me, but they're not bad.  I've never had TOMS before, and so far I'm happy with them.

9.  Women Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full Zip Jacket -Uniqlo is a store I wish I had more access to.  I like looking online but I like seeing their products even more in person. This fuzzy jacket looks like I'm getting ready for winter.

10.  The Home Front Audible - I like anything about World War II a lot.  Listening to Martin Sheen and the various people share their experiences during the war is so interesting.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

Okay, I am seriously considering Stitch Fix because I just cannot buy anything for myself. You know my little deal I had about buying an outfit a month. Well, I am two months into it and still not outfit. I'm lucky because here at the university we have NO dress code which means on non-meeting days I can wear jeans. I can wear jeans even on meeting days but you know, I try not to. I just want to wear jeans and cute tops all the time but then something comes up where I need to look decent and I have nothing. So frustrating. Our AC had to be fixed, a water valve in the yard had to be fixed, and I have to cough up money for a homecoming ticket.
It's getting a little ridiculous.

On an up note, I have a fluffy jacket just like the one you chose for your list and it's ten years old. That means my old crap is beginning to come back into style. LOL! So sad.