Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Five: It's The First Day of Fall?

It's the first day of fall and it's over 90 degrees here.  We just got the email that announced there is an early dismissal because of the heat.  And here I am, happily shopping for fall clothes.

1.  Leopard Sweatshirt - animal print is one of my favorites and this sweatshirt would look great with jeans or black pants.  

2.  Josie High Top Sneakers - and apparently I've got animal print on the brain. I love these shoes.  Even though I am not a high-top wearing type of gal, I would make an exception in this case.

3.  Frost Free Vest - would it seem like a real Friday Five week if I didn't include some camouflage. I saw this displayed at Old Navy last weekend and showed great restraint by not buying it immediately. 

4.  All Black Bow Front Sneaker - I like the look of these shoes.  They seem a little dressier than the regular tennis shoe, but just as comfortable.  

5.  Scarlet Dress - I tried this dress on last weekend when I forced myself to look for something to wear to a wedding this coming weekend. Man, I hate trying on clothes right now.  This is a cute dress, but the sweater like look of it is just too hot for right now.

6.    Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan - someday I'll own a cashmere sweater.  This one is on sale at Abercrombie right now.  

7.  Homebody Sweatshirt Pullover - Milk and Honey Ts has a cute selection of tshirts and sweatshirts.  This would be a great sweatshirt to wear while lounging around on the couch during a weekend.

8.  Embroidered Flowered Denim Jacket for Women - I always think you can't go wrong with a denim jacket.  The embroidery on this one is so cute. I've been seeing a lot of embroidery lately and I'm loving it.

9.  Zella Running Socks - socks are a big deal at our house. We have so many unmatched pairs it is ridiculous.  The ones that are matched are in a bucket where all of the girls (including me) grab from.  I know I am using my oldest daughter's Zella socks, but the one pair I've managed to get a hold of I am keeping for myself.  I have been wearing them, washing them and then making sure I grab them right away out of the clean laundry.

10.   Recommended Podcast from BookRiot
Can you ever have too many podcasts to listen to? Especially if they are about books?  This latest one from BookRiot is short and fun and something I've added to my weekly list of things to listen to.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

Sock are a big deal in my house too. I love the socks that Vans make. They are no show but they stay on! My daughter got two packs and now I am feeling the need to buy my own. They are tiny though so they disappear easily.

Still haven't signed up for Stitch Fix but I think I am going to. I am a walking fashion disaster.