Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Five

The Fourth of July has come and gone and instead of feeling like summer is almost over, I've figured out that I haven't even been out of school for a month yet.   There is still plenty of summer left.  It has been nice and hot this week - just the way I like it.  I've done a bit of online browsing and come up with a few things to share:

1.  JCrew Gingham Shirtdress - I saw this on The Big Mama Blog last week and have thought about it several times since then. (Obviously I don't have any big problems cluttering my mind right now if I can spend my free time thinking about a dress more than once).  It's on sale right now, but I hardly ever dress up, so even though I love it, this might not be the best investment for me.

2.  Make a Statement T - Boden also has sales going on and this T would be something I could wear to work or at home.  It's pretty simple, but I like the little spots of glitter to make it a little dressier.

3.  Camo by New Balance - as I've said before, I love anything camo.  I had never really thought about camo shoes before, but why not?

4.  Black Leggings with details - in the past two days I'v seen two friends and my sister wear black leggings with the leg detailing. My sister got hers at Target, but they no longer have them available.  So, I'm wondering if anyone else has a place they've seen these.  Ideas where to look? I've tried lululemon and Athleta without any luck.

5.  Rugby Striped T-Shirt-  First Zima has a comeback, and now it's rugby shirts.'s 1993 again I think.  I saw this at the JCrew at the mall and I'm patiently waiting for it to go on sale.

6.  Mocha Flavored Oreos - for a non-coffee drinker, I love anything mocha flavored.  I don't even like Oreos a little bit, but these are still calling my name.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?


Ti said...

Great list I love nearly everything on it. I could skip the cookies though! That rugby shirt!! That dress! Love them.

I see leggings like that at Old Navy.

Old Navy:

Anonymous said...

I need that rugby too. I can't believe I got rid of every single rugby I owned. Welcome back 90s!!!!