Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Five x 2 on Saturday

Time got away from me yesterday somehow.  And so here it is, Saturday morning, and I'm just now working on a Friday Five post.  There are lots of cute things I'm eyeing right now, and sadly, many of them are with the "I can wear that to school" mindset, which I guess means that school is right around the corner.

So, here is what I've found this week:

1.  Soft Sophisticate T - simple, yet a little bit dressy, and perfect to wear to work or with jeans.

2.  Striped Tie-Back Shell - I can't wear anything sleeveless to work, so this would have to be for weekends or something else, but I love the idea of the tie in the back.

3.  Sarabeth Tunic - way out of my price range at $235, this is a beautiful shirt. I'll just keep admiring it from afar.

4.  Personalized Library Card Pillow - this pillow on the Uncommon Goods website caught my eye....perfect for all the book lovers out there.

5.  Embroidered Flutter Sleeve Dress for Women - I saw this one hanging up at Old Navy last weekend and thought it looked super cute.  And comfortable.

6.  Faux Leather Leggings - I'm not sure how many places (if any at all) I would find to wear leather leggings, but I do think they look cute. And they're on sale at Nordstroms right now.

7.  Camo Girlfriend Chino - these were in the Gap store a few weeks ago when I was in Des Moines visiting my sister. They had every size available, except the one I needed. So, when I finally saw them online I figured it was a sign. Right?  And Gap is having a sale (when aren't they having a sale?), so I had to order a pair.  

8.  Happy Birthday, Prince George.  CUTE! All week I've enjoyed seeing the royal family on the news as they show clips from their European tour, and now they have released a picture of Prince George for his fourth birthday.  

9.  Halo Top Ice Cream - this ice cream may not be quite like visiting my local ice cream place, but it's at least relatively healthy, so I've been keeping some on hand, just in case I need to have a late night snack.

10.  Thirty For Thirty podcast - I've listened to two episodes and enjoyed them both.  Interesting true stories.  Definitely worth a listen.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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