Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Five: While on Vacation

This past week I've been on vacation in Washington, DC with my family and my friend Sarah and her two youngest children. We came, we saw, and we walked and walked and walked.  I've been close to 30,000 steps a few times, which I'm hoping off-sets the calories I've ingested from the great food I've been eating.  I'll have to share more about my trip later.

At night Sarah, my husband and I have sat around the table and figured out the next day's plans.  And while we do that, I also have my computer open which has allowed me to find a few fun things this week.

So here they are:

1.  Relaxed Fringe-Hem Tank for Women - it seems like Old Navy always has some sort of sale going on.  I love this color, especially when I have a tan in the summer months, and already ordered one for myself last night.

2.  Camo Pocket T - anything camo calls my name....I have a camo T already, but it hasn't worn well at all, and seems to be pilling badly. I have high hopes for this one.

3.  Women's Converse Shoreline Sneakers - I've been wanting a pair of Converse for a long time. And then on vacation I've watched my middle daughter and Sarah's daughter wear their's around.  I am jealous.  I also have seriously narrow feet and every time I try them on I realize why a pair of Converse aren't in my future.  However, these Shoreline sneakers with the elastic in back might just work.

4.  Toms Seasonal Classics - being in the nation's capitol has brought out the patriot in me.  I'm really loving anything red, white and blue right now.

5.  Hammered Layered Necklace - I bought a necklace from Stitch Fix that I've worn quite a bit lately.  It looks pretty much like just one of these necklaces. This version seems even better to me.  There are two of them put together. That's double the beauty. Or something like that.

6.  The Keepers - I wish I could say I have already watched this show in it's entirety, but sadly, I'm just on the second episode. And loving it. My friend, Kristin, recommended it to me and now I've recommended it to a few friends as well.  Sister Cathy was a teacher when she was killed. Now nearly fifty years later some former students are looking for her killer.  It's only seven episodes long, so it isn't a huge time commitment, either.  

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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