Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Five: The First Week of Summer Break

Over the past week plenty of people have commented about summer or asked if I am enjoying it.  Honestly, at this point, I feel like summer hasn't even started. I've been back at school two days cleaning out my office.  This is time consuming and a little painful as I say goodbye to the twenty years of teaching at the elementary level.  I've had the oil changed in our car, I've taken kids back and forth to cross country practice, been to an orthodontist appointment,tried to do some cleaning at home, and also packed for vacation.

As you are reading this on Friday morning, we are (hopefully) just getting on the road for a second day of driving.  This year's trip takes us to Hershey, PA, for a tour of the Hershey factory and Washington, D.C., where we will meet up with friends and take in the many sights.

Once we get back from our trip, I'm hoping for a little more relaxation.  And a little more reading.  

Maybe even a little more internet shopping.'s a few of the things I've found this week:

1.  You're The Avocado to My Toast T-Shirt - Janssen at Everyday Reading wore this in some pictures a while back. I remember liking it, but apparently so did a lot of other blog readers.  She posted information on where to get a shirt like this recently.  I'm still debating the purchase....I certainly can't wear it to work, and I do own a ton of is kind of cool.

2.  Garmin Forerunner 230 - Little Sister's friend has this watch. Which means now Little Sister wants one.  The price on this one is not something I feel is appropriate for a ten year old, although if it were on sale, or for a gift and on sale, I might reconsider.  However, now I want one.  

3.  Plaid Gauze Shirt in Boyfriend Fit - this plaid shirt reminds me of a skirt/shirt outfit I had in high school that I bought at JC Penney's for Easter one year.  I wore the heck out of that dress.  I'm into the partial button-down shirt look as well.

4. Shaun Top  - Bungalow 123 is becoming a site I look at fairly frequently. I've only ordered from them a handful of times, but I've liked what I have purchased. I think this would be a great little shirt that I could wear to work (with a sweater over the top) or with a pair of white jeans.

5.  Mid Rise Linen Blend Pants for Women -I'm just going to admit that after listening to the most recent Big Boo podcast, and heaing them discuss what Sophie would wear to Kenya, I became more interested in the linen pants from Old Navy.  I've already made a trip there and bought myself a pair. I do love them, but just a word of caution: white or nude underwear with the white pants are a must.

6. Zima -ahhhh I feel like it's 1993 all over again.  When I spent a semester in Denver, Colorado, Zima was easy to purchase.  Iowa didn't sell it. So I came home with two cases that I "saved."  The bad news is that I saved it for such a long time, by the time I tried to drink it, it had a horrible skunky taste.  I'm here to tell you that right now for a limited time, Zima is back.  And I have loved reliving 1993 the past few nights here at home with a good book and a bottle of Zima.  

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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