Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Five

It's supposed to be spring, but this morning it was 27 degrees when I drove home from exercise class.  The sandals I have featured today.....not happening here unless I have some warm socks to wear with them.  

However, I'm hopeful that soon it will seem more spring-like. I'm ready for warm weather and sunshine.

Here are five (ish) things that caught my eye this week:


1.  Calvin Klein Performance Striped Color Block Open Front Knit Cardigan - last Friday night I went shopping while Middle Sister and her friends were at soccer practice and I was left killing time while that was going on.  I held back and bought nothing for myself, but this cardigan is still on my mind.

2.  Garden Party Knit Dress - Maybe I will always be on the lookout for a great dress. I just don't ever have an opportunity to wear them, so it seems like a bad investment. If I did wear dresses this one is cute and comes in a few other patterns.

3.  Softspun Boxy Stripe Batwing Top - a nice top to throw on and relax in.  

4.  Madras Plaid Blazer - for some reason madras plaid screams "spring" me.  I used to own a blue plaid blazer I got out each spring.  That was years ago, though.  I wouldn't mind having this updated version.

5.  Ruffle Sleeve Blouse - Big Mama featured this on her blog last week. I love this bright blue color.  I think it would look especially nice with a pair of white jeans.

5.  Birkenstock Eva Slip-on Sandal - I also would love a pair of Birkenstocks for the summer. These would be a perfect thing to slip on and off as I'm going from indoors to outdoors frequently.

6.  Sam Edelman Lizabeth Beaded Lace Up Sandal - I am kind of getting into the pom pom trend. These sandals look fun to me (even though I'm pretty sure my dog would eat them right off).

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

I love Birkenstocks for other people but whenever I try a pair on, like the cute metallic ones, they weird on me. I have a size 8 foot. Not terribly large. My daughter (13) wears a 10 and they look better on her. Can't figure it out. Of course, it's probably the length of leg thing again.