Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Five

Spring break is nearing it's end, which hardly seems believable. What seems even more unbelievable is that come Monday I have a full work week ahead of me.  The only thing keeping me going is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and summer up ahead.

We were in Chicago for a couple days this week and there is plenty to spend money on there. I found lots of cute things, which I held off on mostly until I entered the Gap. It was like everything there was calling my name.  I also discovered a new to me - and my new favorite- store, Uniqlo.  I don't think their website does it justice, but there are super cute things in there for pretty cheap.

I've got a few featured today, but I could have highlighted only Uniqlo items on my Friday Five for the foreseeable future and not run out of things.

So, here's what I found this week:

1.  Women's Haibara Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt - yep, this is from Uniqlo. There are several t-shirts that have various flowers on them.  This is my favorite right now.

2.  Uniqlo Women's Cotton Lawn Embroidered Sleeveless Blouse - and I'm a sucker for anything with embroidered stitching.  This comes in a few colors. At this point, I like several of them.

3.  Pintuck Eyelet Short Sleeve Top - and eyelet just screams spring to me.  This is so much cuter in person.  

4.  Drapey Mix Print Tie Top -I'm not sure where this top was hiding when I visited the Gap, but it is probably a good thing I didn't see it. I'm pretty sure i would have come home with it.

5.  Bartalino Bootie - I bought myself a pair of white jeans in Chicago, and I think the outfit will only be complete if I get a pair of booties to go with them. Right?

6.  Audible Channels -and as if I don't have enough podcasts to listen to, I discovered that Audible has a bunch of "shows" avaiable with an Amazon Prime membership.  So far I've only made my list of all the shows I want to listen to. If I start listening now, I might be done in 2020.

And that's it, folks. What's caught your eye this week?


Anne Bennett said...

I will have to check out the audible channel. Why? I don't know since I am so swamped with audiobooks right now, I couldn't possibly listen to anything else unless the day was stretched out. We don't have Spring Break until the first full week in April. There is still a carrot in front of me.

Ti said...

I've never heard of Uniqlo but the website is so bland! Just like you said.

I need some booties but I feel like I would look dorky in them. I think they are meant for long legs. Mine. Are. Not.