Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Five: I Guess It's Not Spring Yet

Last week at this time I was basking in the spring-like weather.  Today, it seems that it isn't quite time for spring yet.  Sigh.  Mother Nature might not be ready, but I am.

Here are a few things I've found this past week:

1.  Locally Grown T  - I have known about this T-shirt company for a while, but last weekend, I got to visit their store in Des Moines. I loved it.  I ended up with a unisex, baseball jersey with this graphic on it.  And every day after school I change clothes and put it on.

2. Nerdette Podcast - I'm always on the lookout for a new podcast to pass the time while I'm driving to and from work or walking the dog.  I have only listened to a few of these so far, but enjoy it.  It certainly breaks up the monotony of driving and walking.

3.  Slip on Sneakers - I love the crisp look of these navy and white sneakers.  That's all.  

4.  Make a Statement Breton - and maybe I just like stripes? I love the bretons from Boden...this one has a little more flair to it. 

5.   But First Books T -  and can anyone ever have too many book related t-shirts? This is the newest from Book Riot. I like both men's and women's styles. I should get one of each, right?

6.  Do in New York City - Right about now I need some cookie dough....seriously. I would love to open a franchise here in Iowa. I think it might be the next big thing to take off.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

It's not spring here yet. 36 degrees this morning. More rain coming too!

You know how I am always saying I need a style makeover? I've been eating clean most of the time since January and have lost ten lbs. I refuse to buy anything until I lose ten more but spring is coming soon so I feel the pressure it lose it so I can buy some things.