Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Five

It's a very snowy morning here and I'm happy to have all my Christmas shopping done.  I still need to wrap, but this morning I set out for the grocery store after dropping off my girls at school (yes, they still have school and they are extremely disgusted with this because I've been off since Wednesday).  Right now I've got a snack mix in the oven and I'm finally getting around to my Friday Five post.  

1.  North Face Nuptse Plaid Down Vest - I saw a friend of mine wear a vest very similar to this.  It might actually be the same vest, but I only saw her for a moment while I was picking up my youngest daughter at her house.  Buffalo plaid seem to be in again this year.

2.  Kimchi Cross Strap Flats - Janssen had some pictures of herself wearing these on her blog. I tried to interest my girls in a pair because the price is right and we are forever without appropriate church shoes. However, as the mother of two teenagers I should have realized before even asking that I am woefully confused and clueless.

3.  Paper Towns Vintage Pendant Necklace - Seriously, check out this website. There are some awesome necklaces and bracelets. And, items can even be custom made . I'm excited to wear my new necklace sometime soon.

4  Home T - I love my Home T, the short-sleeve variety and my long sleeve baseball jersey. Now I'd love this hooded sweatshirt. I showed it to my husband last night, but he definitely is not taking the hint.

5.  North Face Flecka Ear Flap Beanie - and despite the fact that I have enough hats, I think this is very cute.

So, that's it for this Friday Five. What's caught your eye this past week?

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