Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Five

Whew! The weather is so cold here. It's definitely feels like winter. I love winter clothes, but I can't help but already feel like I'm ready for spring.

1.  AEO Patterned Pocket Cardigan - I haven't bought anything for myself from American Eagle for years, but I love this sweater. And of course since there are tons of sales going on, this one is less than $30.

2.  Upcycled Spoon - I usually just try to remember what page I'm on while I'm reading, but I like these upcycled spoons, and especially the message on this one. Whoever thought of calling a bookmark is a quitter strip? Genius.

3. Mail Order Mystery - I like this idea of a mail order mystery that comes with some clues and artifacts for an entire family to enjoy. And for kids who don't need more "stuff" this gift seems perfect.

4.  Split Neck Plaid Shirt - I feel like this would work well with leggings or black pants or jeans.  40% off right now at Loft.

5.  Shimmer Dot Infinity Scarf - and this scarf would be a nice addition to my collection - and probably will be stolen by one of my daughters.

6.  Metallic Cable Knit Sweater - not a horribly exciting thing to add to my wardrobe, but I could certainly use a cable knit sweater.

7.  OzoBot - I just heard about this at a meeting I went to, and then started researching.  I think I'm going to add this to Little Sister's list of gifts.

8.  Marien Booties- Cognac - I am not sure what I'm thinking when I'm wanting to wear these shoes and expose my toes at this point in time.  It is way to cold for these shoes at this point in time.

9.  Woodlands Vest  - Ivory - fur vests have long been an item I love, and this vest from Bungalow 123 is the right price.   

10.  Sheldon Blanket Scarf - and this scarf just screams winter to me.

So, what's caught your eye this week?

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