Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Five

TGIF! It's been a long week around here.  And the weather is getting cooler.  I thought the heat in my car was fixed, but today I had to turn it on again and was still cold when I got to work twenty minutes later.  Now I've got another appointment to fix it next week.  Until then I will just have to wear mittens while I drive around.

I also have managed to get my first cold of the season.  So, since it appears that winter is coming, I'm in a winter clothes buying mood.

1.  Cold Control Lite Stripe Puffer Jacket

This seems so retro to me and I love it.  Gap is always having sales, so if I could wait until it gets to be 40% off, I might cave and get it.

2.  Gap Beaded Utility Jacket

I'm also pretty easily influenced by anything that is beaded.  I've seen the up close pictures of the beading and think it is super cute.

3.  Gap Cold Control Max Women's Hooded Puffer Vest

A few weeks ago I was all into vests and ended up buying a burgundy colored one.  I like this one, too, which I didn't see when I was shopping around.  

Loft has everything 40% off right now.  I am really liking these marine colored cords, which are a little bit different than navy.

And this Prana jacket is fantastic as well.  

Maybe I don't even need the heat to get fixed since if I bought a warm coat I might still be nice and cozy while driving around.

How about you? What's caught your eye this week?

1 comment:

Ti said...

LOVE that retro looking jacket. Love the metallic stripe.

You've got your car heater and I have my brand new Subaru going in for a recall which will take a week to address!! Brand new! They said they will give me a loaner but who knows what I'll get. I hate stuff like this. I try not to sweat it but it bugs.