Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Psychological thrillers seem to be all the rage right now and there are plenty of them coming out.  

Fractured by Catherine McKenzie is a novel I devoured over the weekend.  I stayed in my pajamas all day Sunday, unable to accomplish anything until I read the entire book.

Julie is an author, having written a best-seller called The Murder Game that seems to bear some resemblance to her own life.  After dealing with a former classmate turned stalker, she and her family relocate to a new city, attempting to start anew.

The new neighborhood they move into has an active neighborhood association and the self appointed neighborhood president spends a great deal of her time knowing everything about what goes on on her street and is a bit over the top in her efforts on this front.

Julie meets her neighbor, John, and the two take up running together.  Aside from John, friendships don't happen easily for Julie or her husband. It seems almost from the beginning they get off on the wrong foot, and the initial impression just gets worse as time goes on.

The novel is written in Julie and John's perspectives changing between the present, which happens to be a court case, and the past which shows the events that lead to this point. 

There is suspense as well as you know a death has occurred but you are not sure whose.  McKenzie does a great job of creating the tone of the story and I was absolutely sucked in from the first page.  

McKenzie has several other books to her credit, and I am anxious to check out more of her work.

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Marce said...

I have heard amazing things about this one. Do you think it would be good for a Book Club? I'm trying to get mine to read more Suspense/Thrillers.