Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Timely Read: We Are Unprepared

This past week we've had flooding in our area. Enough flooding that some area schools have been canceled and businesses closed.  I picked up We Are Unprepared by Meg Little Reilly while all of the flooding was first starting.  This book was a timely read, as the characters in the book were dealing with some extreme weather of their own.

Ash and Pia have relocated to a small Vermont town, looking for a change from the urban lifestyle they were living. As they try to decide if they are going to have a family together, they are confronted with an upcoming weather crisis unlike any the  United States had seen before.  

As the town tries to decide various steps to take to prepare for The Storm, Pia and Ash must also make some decisions.

It is true that stress can make or break a relationship, and readers get to see that firsthand in Pia and Ash's marriage. The town also struggles to make decisions because there are many different viewpoints and different groups that have formed to deal with this upcoming Storm.

Meg Little Reilly's writing is what drew me in to this story.  I loved it from the first page.  Although it reminds me a bit of Susan Beth Pfeffer's Life As We Knew It series, We Are Unprepared is not as dramatic or full of action. Instead, this novel focuses more on the characters and the decisions they make with the circumstances they are in.

I will happily be recommending We Are Unprepared to friends.  This one falls a little outside of my comfort zone; apocalyptic novels aren't something I always feel the need to read, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one and hope to read more by Meg Little Reilly.

One of the pictures of the flooding this past weekend.  
My friend, Robin, took a ride in her husband's plane to see 
the flooding.

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Ti said...

Every time I read of a disaster I always think back to the big quake from over 20 years ago. All the prep that we had done went right out the window when nothing was where had put it because everything was picked up and thrown to other parts of the apartment. Flashlights, shoes, keys... nowhere to be found and especially in pitch darkness. Weather, at least for the most part you know it's coming. I do like this apocalyptic stuff if it's done well.