Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Best Man

Richard Peck is one of my favorite young adult authors. I especially love his historical fiction novels, but am always excited to read whatever he has published.

The Best Man falls into the realistic fiction genre, tackling the tough topic of same sex marriage.  

Archer's story begins with his kindergarten year, as he looks back from upper elementary. He recounts the way his friendship began with Lynette and other interesting characters from his class.  Peck has a way of infusing humor in his stories, and The Best Man is no exception. I found myself chuckling as I read, appreciating Archer's obliviousness and the way Peck writes with exaggeration.

The Best Man is a great book for providing positive male role models.  Archer's dad and grandpa are involved and loving.  His uncle Paul is also a frequent visitor.  Archer gets even luckier when he has a student teacher, Mr. McLeod, who is the first male teacher in the school's history, and who has a unique way of teaching his students.

So, when Uncle Paul and Mr. McLeod start dating, Archer is ecstatic.  

There are funny moments, and a few sad ones as well as Archer tries to navigate the years between childhood and adulthood.

Peck never disappoints and The Best Man is a great book for all tween readers.

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Ti said...

Forget the same sex marriage stuff! Having your uncle date your teacher would be difficult regardless. I remember junior high when I saw my two teachers at the movies together and I was so confused, as were they because there was a no dating policy between the teachers. Not the same scenario but the same weird feeling and adjustment that came later when they got married!!