Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Five

TGIF!  I'm excited for a three day weekend and weather that is feeling fall-like.  I have been busier this week at school so online looking didn't happen often.

Here are a few things I did find:

1.  Boardwalk Sneaker - the hole in my sneaker continues to get bigger which means I need to buy a new pair sooner rather than later. This is yet another version of the shoe I want to buy. 

2.  Katrina Cardigan - I love Sundance, but usually the sweaters are too high priced for me to justify their purchase. However, check out their clearance tab.  Lots of sweaters for a much more reasonable price.

3.  Energy Chaturanga Capri - Right now these capris are on sale at Athleta.  I am seriously considering buying these. I have a similar pair that I have worn to death.

4.  Eiffel Tower T-Shirt  - I'm always in need of a good t-shirt. Especially one with glitter.

5. Henry's Hard Cherry Cola - I saw this advertised somewhere and decided to give it a try. Not my favorite drink ever, but not bad.

6.  The Longer Line Classic Shirt - Boden has 20% off this weekend. There are so many things I love in the fall catalog.  This is just one of them and comes in several patterns.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Peaceful Reader said...

I love Boden, Athleta, and Sundance as well. I plan to do a lot of reading over this long weekend but now you have me thinking about shopping.