Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Results May Vary

If anyone saw me walking around a few days ago, they would have thought I had just pulled an all-nighter.  No.  I haven't done that in years. However, I did stay up very late, totally absorbed in Results May Vary by Bethany Chase.

Bethany Chase is an author that people should be watching for. I have read both of her books now and loved them both.

Results May Vary is a romance of sorts.  Caroline and Adam were high school sweethearts and are now living in Massachusetts where he is a writer and she does something with art and galleries (honestly, this was all a little bit confusing to me since I'm not familiar with galleries or art shows).  

Within the first few chapters, it is revealed that Adam has cheated on Caroline, who discovers this devastating news as she is looking at some of a new, talented photographer's work that wasn't displayed at a showing and is a little too erotic in nature for the type of show he is having. The photos portray two men in a physical relationship, and the one man has a unique birthmark that is identical to her husband, Adam's.  

Which means that it is Adam in the photographs.  And that the perfect life Caroline thought she has isn't so perfect. 

Although there is the requisite , "should we work on our marriage?" and "can I ever trust this person again since he betrayed me?" types of questions that Chase addresses, I was so glad and impressed that this book moved far beyond that.  

In addition to the main storyline, I absolutely loved the subplots with Caroline's sister, Ruby, and her best friend, Jonathan.  I loved the Massachusetts setting. I loved the way Caroline grieved for her marriage and the perspective both her mother and an artist friend brought to the whole subject of divorce.

Chase's writing reminds me a little of Emily Giffin's with a bit more weight to it.  I can't wait to see what she writes next and think this is an author that is truly one to watch for.

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Ti said...

This one sounds pretty good. Tough subject matter. Infidelity is hard but finding out your husband is gay or bisexual is another thing entirely.