Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Five

I'm actually up and getting on with my day very early this Friday.  Perhaps I should be preparing myself for going back to work all too soon, but instead the reason I'm up is that my friend, Robin, and I are going on our third annual IKEA shopping trip today.  With the nearest IKEA three hours away, we start our day early.

I've got a few things on my list that I'm looking for - especially a different bed for Little Sister.  

Hopefully I can refrain from getting sucked into all the beautiful fall clothes that are coming out.  I've been finding a ton of things online.

Boden Long Sleeve Breton - I don't always find things at Boden, but their new fall catalog arrived last week, and there are tons of things in there I love.

2. Women's Lofty Shaker Sweater Jacket - this looks better in the picture in the Lands End catalog which has it paired with a navy and white striped shirt. I absolutely love the outfit.

3.  Sleeveless Pintuck Swing Dress - this is going to be my first day back to school outfit. Yes, even teachers wear something new on the first day of school. I'm adding a denim jacket to it as well.

4.  Spot on Stripe Top - another Boden top I love.  

5.  Authentic 1969 Flare Jeans -and a pair of jeans.  I own one decent pair of jeans and StitchFix has been shipping me jeans to try but I haven't had any luck there, either.  Gap had 40% off earlier this week, so I ordered them then, but they haven't yet arrived.  Hoping that these work for me.

Have a great Friday!  And if anyone wants to share anything that's caught your eye this week, please do!  


Ti said...

I just got the Ikea catalog in the mail the other day and spent my evening looking through it. I love their stuff but lately, a lot of there stuff has been made in China which is really disappointing to me. The closest Ikea to me is about 40 miles away but right next to it, they are building a Super Ikea and then the other one will be taken down. It is the biggest building I have ever seen. It will be wonderful. And now they have gluten free meatballs! Holy Cheeses this makes me happy.

Ti said...

Cripes. I used the wrong "their". I know the difference teacher lady. LOL.