Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Five

We're in Nashville this week with friends on vacation and having a great time.  I found a few things online to share before we left.

1.  Bold Top - I ordered this shirt for my first day back to school.  After spending my life in education, I still want something new to wear on my first day back.

2.  Girls on the Go Wrap It Up Top - this top from Eddie Bauer is another one I'm wanting for fall. I'm waiting until it goes on sale.

3.  Gap Women Long Sleeve Eyelet Top - I have always loved eyelet, but don't have any in my wardrobe currently.

4.  1969 Denim Western Shirt - I ordered the short sleeve version of this in the spring, and love it. I'm almost certain that I need this.

5.  Chaco Sandals - I've been wearing the same pair of Tevas for years now and they are truly worn out. These would be a nice upgrade.

6.  A Happy Third Birthday to Prince George! Four birthday photos were released and he is just getting cuter, it seems.

What's caught your eye this week?

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