Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Five

Just in case you noticed, there was no Friday Five post last week. I spent the morning getting my oil changed in our van, and after sitting around for two hours watching the coverage of the police shooting in Dallas, I just didn't have the heart to come home and look at things online.

I've tried to redeem myself by sharing ten items this week.

1.  Slip on Sneakers  - The teacher in me would love these because I know my students would thoroughly enjoy seeing these every day.  Who wouldn't want some glitter shoes?  There are some other designs as well that aren't quite to sparkly.

2.  Eyelet Dunes Tank - I just think you can never go wrong with Athleta.  This tank is super cute.

3.  Ruffle Front Shirt - my oldest daughter is unimpressed with this shirt, but I feel like  could wear it under a jacket or by itself to work.  Or with jeans.  

Ruffled-Front Shirt

4.  When In Doubt T - Out of Print Tees has some cute Ts. This one is new. As a librarian and someone who checks out hundreds of book, I NEED this shirt.

5.  Crop Kick Pants- Gap has these new crop pants out for fall. I think they are super cute, but don't have any boots with heels to wear them with.  I'll be watching these online for a while.

6. Released Hem Distressed Skinny Jeans - what I really want is a pair of gray jeans.  These are from Nordstrom, and even though I'm not sure skinny jeans are for me, I think they're cute.

7.  Cicely Heel - if I had a job that didn't involve young children, these would be great shoes.  However, I'm more to the wanting to be comfortable stage of the game at this point. These are on sale at Boden if you're interested.

8.  Minimalist Bucket Bag - I love the look of this bag.  It's $230 right now, but it seems that any good purse is going to cost some money. I guess you can look at it as an investment.

9.  Outdoor Pillow - I don't really have a need for outdoor pillows, but if I did, this one caught my eye at Target last week. I love bike themed things.

Outdoor Pillow - Bicycle - Threshold™. Image 1 of 2.

10.  Pokemon Go - Is this all the rage anywhere besides Iowa? Seriously.  My daughters are refusing to download it, but most of their friends keep talking about playing it.  Some of them until 2 AM.

That's it for this week. What did you find that's caught your eye?

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Ti said...

The ruffle shirt is very much like the prairie shirts of the early 80's! I like the color but I could not pull that shirt off without laughs. Also, the kick pants... could not pull that off either. I feel as if your legs would have to be pretty long to make them look right. Mine are not.