Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Five

Friday snuck up on me this week - and once I started working on this post, technology problems seemed to occur every two minutes.  Ugh.  Our internet provider is pretty worthless (my sister actually drove to Target, parked her car and found the toy aisle before my Target page was able to load while we were talking on the phone one time), but we are stuck with them unfortunately. 

Anyway, I've been working on this Friday Five for a while, and it seems that everyone is having Fourth of July sales.  

1.  Bouquet Infinity Scarf   Half price at the Loft this week.

Primary Image of Bouquet Infinity Scarf

2.   Peplum Shell - also half price

Primary Image of Peplum Shell

3.  Official Olympic Clothing - we watched the swimming trials last night, and I will admit I'm getting into the Olympic spirit. I can't wait for the Rio games.

Women's Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Team USA 2016 Olympics Rio Long Sleeve T-Shirt

4.  Cheesy Bacon Corn Dip - even though I've got more time to cook, I don't always feel like it. This corn dip was super easy and tasty. I used wheat thins with it instead of chips.

5.  Factory Frankie Short - JCrew Factory also has 50% off this weekend.  I love these shorts which come in a variety of colors.


6.  Brooks Transcend 2   -I'm still hunting for running shoes.  This summer I've worn my running shoes a ton and 6pm and Sierra Trading Post have great deals on Brooks shoes.

Brooks Transcend:

Happy Fourth of July!  Enjoy this beautiful holiday weekend!

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Peaceful Reader said...

I like all 5 of these items, including the cheese dip. I do need new shorts also so I may have to follow your link. Would love to meet you @CFPL one day this summer!!