Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The After Party

I remember loving the Yonahlossee Riding Camp For Girls by Anton DiSclafani when it was published.  And now, DiSclafani is back with another novel, The After Party, that I love just as much as her first (and maybe a little more).

Set in the 1950s DiSclafani perfectly captures this era in Texas as wives entertain each other while their husbands work in the oil industry.  

The After Party revolves around Joan Fortier a Texas socialite whose beauty puts her at the center of any social event.  Joan is used to getting what she wants and everyone seems a little in awe of her.  

Cece has always been Joan's best friend, but Cece is also a good girl and tries to keep Joan under control and out of trouble.

Now Cece's married with a young son and Joan's behavior has escalated.  While Cece is still trying to save her, Joan veers further away from her friend.

There are secrets Joan has been keeping, which shed some light on her behavior, but leave Cece no choice as to how she should continue with her life.

This book was easily devoured- almost in one sitting. I loved the story of the friendship between Cece and Joan and the way bits and pieces were revealed, how their friendship had grown and changed as the girls had, and how Cece felt some sort of loyalty toward Joan.

DiSclafani's book is a winner, a perfect beach read published just in time for the summer months.

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