Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tween and YA Fiction: Tell Us Something True

Tell Us Something New is the latest book from Dana Reinhardt set to be released in June.  Reinhardt has been an author whose work I look for, someone who still isn't receiving the recognition I believe she deserves.

Tell Us Something New is a book with a creative and unique twist to what could be a very standard, ordinary story.  River's girlfriend, Penny breaks up with him.  This is where Reinhardt allows River to deal with this break-up in an unusual way. As River walks home from the devastating blow Penny has dealt him, he finds a support group for teens with addiction problems.  Feeling as though this group is calling to him, River starts attending regularly. The other group members believe that River is addicted to marijuana, and River allows them to believe that about him, not willing to explain that he has been lying the whole time.

At first River dreams of reuniting with Penny and pursues her, walking to her home to visit her and making a nuisance of himself. But, he meets a girl at the support group that he becomes interested in, despite her problem with stealing.

It is when he realizes that this new love interest is connected to Penny that things become very interesting.  There are lots of misunderstandings and miscommunication that left me wanting to pull my hair out until they were resolved, because I really liked River and wanted things to end well for him.

This is another good young adult novel from Reinhardt who has yet to disappoint me.

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