Monday, May 16, 2016

The Weekenders

I love how I can count on Mary Kay Andrews each summer for a great beach read.  Although I enjoy some more than others, she consistently provides great summer reading for me.

The Weekenders will be out tomorrow, and once again Andrews' story kept me entertained.

Riley and her daughter are heading out to Belle Isle for the summer. Belle Isle is small and Riley's family owns the majority of land there. Unfortunately, Riley's husband Wendell has ideas for the land on Belle Isle that include destroying some of it's natural beauty.  Riley and Wendell are having marital troubles, and this first weekend on the island they plan to announce that they will divorce.  However, they never get the chance to tell Maggie, their twelve year old because Wendell turns up dead.  

And, not only is Wendell dead, but he has managed to lose all of Riley's inheritance and their home.  Riley is shocked by this turn of events and although the police are looking for who killed Wendell, Riley decides to do a little sleuthing on her own.

Andrews' books wouldn't be complete without a little romance, and The Weekenders provides some of that, too.  Nate Milas, someone from Riley's past (who she happens to hate) is back on the island as well. He's also into developing the island, but not in the same way Wendell had planned.

This is a fun beach read- the perfect book to bring to the pool, beach or hammock in the backyard.

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