Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Five

Happy Friday! Today it is beautiful out.  I can't wait to get home from work and be outside.  We've been so busy with outside things, I've barely found time to be on my computer.  However, here are a few things I found that caught my eye this week:

1.  Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

Birkenstocks were in style when I was in college. I had a few pairs, and right about now I am wishing I had hung on to them. I love these shiny sandals.

What is it with stripes?  This shirt just screams spring and summer to me.

I like Talbots, but don't shop there regularly.  I should look more often. Right now I'm liking this tunic.

I have a few pairs of jean shorts that are several years old, but they are longer.  This pair looks worn in and comfy. Perfect for hanging out this summer

I rarely wear skirts.  But if I did, this would be a nice skirt to have.

My mom had this sweatshirt marked in a catalog she receives. I love it, too!  Maybe she could share.

So, what's caught your eye this week?

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