Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Five

It's Memorial Day Weekend and normally we would be very close to finishing school.  This year, however, we started a bit later in the fall. That means I am not done until June 10. It seems like forever away from now.  My girls aren't done until June 7th and were a little disgruntled this morning, jealous of the neighboring districts who are finished up.

I'm guessing there are some great Memorial Day sales this weekend, but I have found a few things this week that have caught my eye. I'm trying to not purchase anything right now, so I may have to delete all the email offers that come in over the weekend without even looking at them.

1.  Vintage Soft Split Neck Top - this comes in a few colors and looks very comfy.  I've read the reviews which are also positive.

2.  Star Mela Lina Embroidered Tunic Dress With Pockets - Big Mama featured this one on her blog and I instantly fell in love with it. However, it's out of my price range, especially since I rarely wear dresses.  

3.  Protect California Yosemite National Park T-Shirt - Who doesn't enjoy wearing a T-shirt? This is one on the Tailgate website, but honestly, I could have picked any of the shirts they have right now. 

Iowa Vintage Basketball T - I remember the original Iowa Basketball shirts that looked like this. I know they are vintage at this point, but I'd love to have one of these.

4.  Ask Me Another Podcast - I'm always on the hunt for a good podcast. This one is a quiz show. Several little mini games are played which then culminates into one final round. Each episode also features a guest.  I like using my brain to attempt to play along with the contestants.  And, the other day as I was  listening to Ask Me Another while driving home with my daughters, they asked if we could drive around a while until the game that was on concluded. They are a tough audience, and Ask Me Another won them over.

5.  Hebrew National Hot Dogs - I don't love hot dogs, but every once in a while a hot dog sounds like a great idea.  My mom's college friend introduced them to my mom when she was visiting, and since then that's all she buys.  I've been over a few times when she has them grilled, and I admit that I do enjoy them. And since it is Memorial Day weekend, and people might be grilling, these hot dogs seemed like a great food to spotlight.

So, what's caught your eye this week?


diane said...

That split mech top is so cute and, the all beef Frank's are the only ones my husband will eat!😜

Ti said...

Hebrew National dogs are the best. We also get the Angus Beef ones from Nathan's which are very good but often much more expensive. For any dog, it has to be grilled very well for me to enjoy it.