Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five

It's Friday again and I have had no problem finding great things to share this week.  It feels like spring out and I am wanting to order some new spring things for myself.  I have noticed, however, that my kids all need new spring shorts and shirts, so I might need to hold off on my own wardrobe wants/needs.

1.  Sam Edelman Penny Women's Zip Boots
Still - months later- I am looking at boots.  These are the latest that have caught my eye.

2.  Chick-fil-A - Chick-fil-A just opened recently and I am in love with their salads.  This is a new item on their menu that I've been enjoying.

3.  1969 Denim Short Sleeve Western Shirt - just when I think I have everything denim that I could need, I realized I don't have a short sleeve denim shirt.  Who knew? So, I've ordered this to wear during the summer.

4. Bar Necklace - I saw a co-worker wear a bar necklace the other day and thought it looked great.  I found these on Etsy and may  have to order one.

5.  Stripe Linen Pants- These linen pants look so comfortable and just scream "summer" to me.  They're striped, which you can't really see from this picture, but if you look at the Athleta website, you may be able to see them better.

There are so many great things I want to buy right now.  What's caught your eye this week?

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