Monday, March 14, 2016

The Total Package

Stephanie Evanovich's novel The Total Package is as fun and entertaining as her past two novels have been and a very good break from some of the other things I've been reading lately.

Ella has had a crush on Tyson Palmer since she was hired to be his tutor in college.  They run into each other when Palmer is at his worst, about to lose his job in the NFL after failing his drug test.  

Both Tyson and Ella remake themselves.  Tyson makes a return to a football career that is better than before, while Ella renames herself Dani Carr, and works as a reporter covering the team Tyson now plays for.  

The two run into each other again, and it's all Dani can do to keep away from him, still having feelings for him all these years later.  Tyson know that Dani seems familiar, but doesn't remember her from their college years until he is drifting off to sleep one night and has a sudden revelation.

And of course, when it seems that their path to happiness is within their reach, various obstacles appear- the biggest one being the secret that Dani has been keeping from Tyson for the past five years.

I appreciate the romance and sexual tension in Evanovich's novels, and enjoy the fact that The Total Package is a novel that also lets readers revisit characters from Big Girl Panties and The Sweet Spot, the previous romances that Evanovich has written.  

Although The Total Package is not a great work of literature, I'm anxious to read more from Evanovich and enjoy the entertainment her novels provide.

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