Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Salon: Going Back To Work To Relax

Sometimes I look forward to the weekends so I can relax a little bit.  Right now I should be looking forward to going back to work so I can relax.  This weekend has been jam packed with things.

On Friday night we had our school carnival.  The kids love it, but it's so busy and crowded that I can't say it's my favorite thing to do on a Friday night after a busy week at school.

Yesterday was Middle Sister's volleyball tournament.  It was at home which helped.  Afterward we had a post-season get together at the coach's house.  

And today was church followed by Sunday School.  After that we headed to my mom's for a belated birthday lunch in honor of her seventieth birthday.  Unfortunately my brother's family all ended up with the flu and couldn't attend.

I've grocery shopped, done some laundry, and prepared for a presentation I have tomorrow, but beyond that I am not ready for the upcoming week.

Last week was crazy at school. We celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday in a big way this year: prizes, cupcakes, special activities, and a day of being dressed like Thing 1 created a lot of excitement at school.

It was fun, but I was plenty ready to take off my wig and tutu at the end of the day.

This week should be less hectic, which I am looking forward to. And next week is spring break.  Thank goodness!

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