Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Forgetting Time

Earlier this week Sharon Guskin's debut novel was published, and I've been waiting for a month to share it with you.

Janie is a single mom who has devoted herself to her son, Noah, a beautiful blond four year old who says things that come out of nowhere. Some remarks seem precocious and others are disturbing.  When Noah is asked not to return to preschool, Janie's attempts to find help for her son grow more urgent.  

Dr. Anderson's career is nearing it's end.  After being diagnosed with a form of dementia, he can't see a way to continue.  Until he finds Noah, and realizes the work he dedicated his life to might finally be recognized.

Guskin explores the idea of reincarnation in this amazing novel.  How is it that Noah continues to look for his "real" mom, that he fears water and drowning, that he knows how to score baseball games without ever having been taught?  

I have heard of this before, and although I have always remained a skeptic, Guskin does a great job of making the idea of reincarnation entirely believable, even including some cases that have been documented.  

Noah and Janie and Dr. Anderson look for the people Noah once knew in an effort to find peace and closure for him, and to find out what really happened to him before he became Noah.  This creates some suspense and kept me turning the pages quickly; I read this entire novel in one sitting.

The Forgetting Time is absolutely unforgettable. Upon finishing this book, I immediately texted a co-worker who I know will love this story as much as I did.

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