Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

Sunshine and her mother have just moved to Washington, where the weather is always rainy and gloomy.  Almost from the moment they arrive, Sunshine finds their home to be depressing and gloomy as well.  And it has a constant odor of mildew.

Sunshine's mom is busy with her new job, and doesn't see things the same ways as her daughter.

And when Sunshine hears a girl laughing, or comes home to find every game she owns strewn around her bedroom, she knows her mother won't believe her.

The ghost she thinks she hears is that of a ten year old girl who died in the house along with her father.  And Sunshine's art teacher was the the girl's mother. 

As the story unfolds Sunshine realizes she has some special powers that she must use - to save her mom, her first friend in her new home, and to help the ghost girl find peace.

I liked this book.  And I'm excited to think that readers will be getting to read more about Sunshine.  But as I tried to describe the book to others, I felt a little silly. I'm not much into vampires, zombies, or any paranormal type of stuff.  As I was describing I couldn't help but feel sort of ridiculous.  However, this story worked for me. And it kept my attention. There was suspense that kept me guessing. There was a love interest that was sweet- and tame enough for tween readers.  

If you have readers who are looking for scary books - and this is definitely one I'll be giving to them.

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