Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Five

Next week at this time I'll have already had my annual Black Friday shopping experience with my friend Robin, and will be (hopefully) warm and cozy at home enjoying some post Thanksgiving relaxing.  It's impossible to believe that it's already mid-November!

Every week I think I'll have my Friday Five post ready to go long before Friday, but as the week unfolds, and I try to keep my head above water, that just doesn't happen. 

Especially this week with two late nights at work and a book fair to deal with.

However, as the holidays approach I seem to be spending more time browsing online than normal.  

Here are some of my finds from this week:

1.  Multi Color Reindeer Decorative Pillow

I purchased the top pillow and really managed to get a bargain on it.  It was on the clearance table along with all the other identical pillows.  When I inquired at the register what the price was and explained that it was misplaced, the gal gave me the clearance price.  My youngest daughter was with me and could hardly believe our good luck!  Now that we have the top pillow, my daughters would like to get a few more new pillows to have out. I like the holiday pillows at Target a lot right now, and would like to take any of them, but the bottom one is especially catching my eye.


The Loft had some great sales on sweaters yesterday.  When I looked this morning to link it to this post, it appears the sale is over.  Just my luck.  I love all things Fair Isle, so I'm keeping my eye on this in the hopes that Black Friday sales at The Loft will be good.

3.  Criss Cross High Waisted Metro Leggings

I think it was just last year that I shared a post on Facebook that someone had written about how leggings were essentially the same thing as wearing tights in public - and were thus, not clothing, but an undergarment.  And I still believe that. But.....I am ok with people wearing leggings under long tunics or sweaters.  And if I were a legging person, I would get this pair from Athleta.  They are pricey, but I love the quality of their clothing and I feel like there would be enough spandex so that I felt like everything was sucked in (not to overshare)!

4.  Polka Dot Shoulder Button Sweater

As I said before, Loft had an amazing sweater sale yesterday. This one caught my eye, too.  I love sweaters, which is probably the result of living in a climate where sweaters are part of the wardrobe eight months out of the year.

I apologize for the focus on sweaters, but seriously, I had to dig mine out this week since it is getting cold. And seeing what I have to wear makes me want to do some updating.  This would go with pretty much everything I own.

6.  M Gemi Felize Loafers

I will never buy these for myself at $198 a pair, but I love that you can choose the tread and the color and the website is fun to play with.

7.  Women's Under Armour Take a Chance Tank

Exercise clothes are some of my favorite things to buy. This shirt is a little different with the knot in back.  I'm not thinking it would be great if I had to lay on my back and the knot kept digging into my spine but I like how it looks.  And of course, exercising is all about how you look, right?

These are the things that caught my eye this week. What caught yours?


Lisa said...

Ha! I replied to your email before I looked. See? Sweaters!

Ti said...

I love those pillows and the one with the Woody station wagon is FAB. I am taking my teen group to Target this weekend to buy toys for the toy drive. We'll see what I end up with. I haven't been to Target in months.

I feel like I never get my sweaters in time to wear them. There is only a short window for us here in California. It's cold now but next week could be 80 degrees and our stores know it so pretty soon sweaters won't even be available anymore.