Thursday, September 17, 2015

Those Secrets We Keep

Sloane is set on going to her aunt's house for a few weeks over the summer without her husband who is remaining at home to work, or her daughter who is at summer camp for a month.

To help her enjoy her time away, she invites her friend Hillary and her best friend from college, Georgina.

Georgina is as attention seeking now as she was during college, everything is just a little too much, and Sloane is still upset with her lack of involvement - or even acknowledgement - of her sister Amy's death.  However, there is a reason Georgina wasn't there for her friend, she just can't tell her about it.

Sloane is still grieving Amy's death, and she is also questioning her marriage to Eddie her high school sweetheart.  When she runs into Luke, the only guy she ever slept with besides Eddie during a brief break in their relationship, all her old feelings come flooding back. 

Hillary is the friend who seems to have it all together.  She's happily married and works as a family therapist.  She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for several years without luck, and after it becomes obvious that Hillary isn't sure she wants to become a mother, it is easy to see Hillary has a few secrets of her own.

This book is aptly named, as each woman has a secret they are keeping from everyone else.  

Those Secrets We Keep is a fast read with characters I could easily like and relate to.  My interest in finding out what secret each woman was keeping kept me reading, wanting to know how things unfolded for each woman.

Although this is the perfect book to throw in your beach bag, don't wait until next summer to read it.

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Kay said...

I think this one sounds like a great book to sandwich in between a couple of heavier books. Or maybe creepy books for the fall reads. :-)