Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Salon

We've had beautiful weather this weekend with it forecast to continue through much of the upcoming week.  It feels like fall, but it's hard to imagine it getting cold anytime soon.

However, I know cooler weather is on its way. Today Little Sister started digging out some things to whip up her Halloween costume.

And equally as scary....

Big Sister practiced driving on the highway.  In Iowa you can get your driver's permit at the age of 14, and since she has hit that magic number and passed the exam, we are now having her practice driving us around.  I think she realizes it isn't as easy as it looks, and so far we are all still in one piece after she gets us to where we are going.

Soccer games, church, grocery shopping and a little relaxing have taken up much of this weekend.  

Tonight I made Middle Sister's favorite supper: penne pasta with chicken, bacon, asparagus and alfredo sauce.  It is yummy - and it makes a lot of different dishes dirty. 

I need to sit down with some lesson plans and get my meals planned for the week.  

How about you? Anything planned for this evening? How was your weekend?


Ti said...

14!! Goodness! I was thinking maybe she was too young but I had no idea that the limit was so low!

Anne Bennett said...

14. Eek! Kids in Washington can't get their permits until 15 1/2 and that is scary. 14. No way!