Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Salon: Weekend Movies

It's a rare weekend that I watch two movies.  So rare that when trying to think back to the last time this may possibly have happened, I am wondering if it was during my college years.  Or maybe high school. I just don't sit around and watch movies.  

This rare event probably won't be repeated any time soon, but I did enjoy both movies I watched.

This gave me the chance to spend time with Middle Sister who was the only girl who wanted to hang out with mom and watch movies.

Since Middle Sister started middle school we are seeing more teenage/pre-teen behavior and it isn't pretty.  I'll gladly take whatever chance I have to spend time with her where I'm not having to get on her case and she's not dramatically overreacting to everything.  Sigh.

Big Sister got her driver's permit on Friday. They had a day off of school so my husband took her to take the test which she passed.  She's practiced driving every day since, which is a rather stressful experience. 

This coming week is the first full week of school since we started.  Every week so far we've had some type of day off scheduled.  I'm hoping we all survive.

The Green Bay/Seattle Sea Hawks game will start here at 7:30.  I've baked  a taco dip to snack on and Big Sister is whipping up some guacamole.

I also am doing some meal prep for the week.  Long ago my sister gave me a recipe that I can't find and can only vaguely remember.  I've tried to recreate it as best I can, cooking a spaghetti squash, sauteeing vegetables and adding in some seasoned chicken breasts.  It might not taste quite like I remembered, but it is still OK.  

I'm also to the point where I need to go through my enormous library stacks and really decide if there are some that can go back.  I'm reading as fast as I can, but looked at a few, and really am not excited about them. So I'll get a bag or two ready to return tomorrow so I don't have to be entirely overwhelmed by them sitting around.

I've still got lesson plans to look at tonight along with some dishes from all of the cooking I've done.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, everyone!  And, Go Pack!


Peaceful Reader said...

I loved Adaline! Greg and I watched that this summer. Have a great week!

Kay said...

Watching movies with a teenager is such a fun thing to do. My daughter and I used to do it a lot when she was a teen. It was bonding. Kind of like talks in the car while driving places. Can't believe your big girl is old enough for a driving permit. Good luck to her and good luck you, Mom! LOL

Ti said...

On the driving. I am still not used to it so I can relate to how you feel about it.

Oh! The teen drama. My daughter told me yesterday, right after we got out of church that she HATES me! I bought some nail polish and hand cream and she took the polish out and lost my hand cream somewhere. I asked her where she put the bag and then she said I was accusing her of stealing it! So she told me she hates me. I sent her to her room but then at dinner we made chili and planned to watch the Green Bay game so I asked her if she wanted to say anything, like... an apology. She said yes, that she still hates me! Can you believe that?? So she spent the night in her room.

I cannot deal with her melty face drama. And the constant drag-out of every syllable that comes out of her mouth.