Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Up until ten years ago I didn't have a lot of experience with hospitals or nurses - at least not a remarkable amount.

And then I spent roughly a hundred days in the hospital with my oldest daughter while she was undergoing treatment for stage four hepatoblastoma.  I got the opportunity to witness nurses, doctors, and residents day in and day out.  We had nurses we fell in love with who felt like family, and others we just tolerated.  

In Nurses Robbins follows a few nurses over the course of a year in their professional and personal lives.  All of them are committed to their profession and the quality of care they provide.  Each nurse works for a different hospital that serves a different population, and has a different area of expertise.  

I loved this look at the job that nurses do - the things that often go unnoticed but are necessary to the running of a hospital.

When one of our favorite nurse assistants applied to medical school, the nurses at the hospital questioned if being a doctor was something he would enjoy. He loved the patient interaction piece of nursing, something they recognized doctors often don't get to do a lot of.

The bullying, the office politics and drama don't sound all that far removed from the education system I work in, but at the same time, I have asked nurses I know about this and they are somewhat surprised with this description of the nursing profession.

Nurses is a fantastic read that will get you thinking of your own interaction with these men and women to whom we entrust our health.  

And, I am excited to see that Robbins has other non-fiction books available. I can't wait to read her other work.

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Kay said...

I need to read this book. My daughter is a nurse and honestly, she was born one. She was always taking of some creature or somebody. Anyway, she's had nurse friends who have been 'people' persons and loved the interaction with patients and families and she's had some that loved the more analytical side of things. One of her best friends is a very, very skilled ER/ICU nurse. She's the one you'd want if you were critically injured. That being said, she's always maintained that she likes her patients better if they are unconscious. My girl, on the other hand, is a very gifted L&D nurse. She's who you'd want to spend hours and hours in labor with. And I am very much not a nurse. LOL