Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Five

The Whole30 is finished (more about that on Saturday), but even though I could go hog wild and eat a whole bunch of junk food and drink sugary drinks or my favorite Lipton Mixed Berry Tea that is sweetened with aspartame, I'm not. I am working very hard to drink water.  This flavor infuser water bottle from Uncommon Goods would be a handy way for me to have a little flavor in my water though.

I've been hearing a ton about adult coloring books which are all the rage right now and on Amazon's best seller list. I did purchase a few of them to take along on our upcoming vacation, but was excited by this website that has different coloring designs for FREE. That's always a bonus in my book.

My good friend Kristin knows a ton more about TV and movies than I do.  Although she recommends many good shows, I rarely find time to watch them. However, it's summer and I can stay up late and sleep in and have a little more time to watch TV.  So, I'm watching The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst right now. It's a six part series and I am mid-way through the second episode.  So far, so good.

About two minutes after I placed my order at Oiselle last week for running shorts I found a tank on the site that I really like.  I am not interested in any tank-top that hugs my stomach.  Unfortunately no matter how much I exercise or alter my diet I don't have a flat stomach and that is the last place I want highlighted. This would be great for working out in the summer- a hot and humid time in Iowa.

Yesterday while shopping at Target I realized how deprived my children are (they told me all about it).  They are the only kids who don't have luggage to use.  They do have duffel bags and backpacks and some other travelling items but NOT COOL LUGGAGE.  I agree that at some point it would be nice to get this for them, but little do they know it will be as a birthday or Christmas gift. This suitcase below is what they were all coveting.  Considering my husband and I don't have cool luggage either - and he has been known to pack his clothes in a garbage game- it is hard to justify this purchase as a necessity.

So, that's what's caught my eye this week.  How about you? What have you found?


Christina T said...

Congratulations on finishing the Whole30! My sister does it every January as a way to reset and every year I talk about trying it too but just haven't got there yet. I did see there is a new Whole30 cookbook out so maybe that will motivate me more!

I saw some adult coloring books at Barnes and Noble (they have a really pretty henna one and even one for fans of Benedict Cumberbatch) and when my local craft store started carrying a few, I decided to buy them. I will have to check out that site you mentioned! I also love that tank top. I usually don't wear anything that is tighter fitting because of my tummy. I just can't get rid of it. I think that is the first exercise tank I've seen that isn't fitted. Sometimes I think exercise clothes are only made for stick thin people which is kind of stupid.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Funny you posted about the adult coloring books, as I use to love to color when mmy kids were little and have been eyeing these adult coloring books on Amazon and cool pencils and markers for retirement LOL