Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Two on Tuesday: Books Flying Under the Radar

I've received several requests from publishers to review books this spring.  This is exciting, but it is also hard to get to all the books I want to read. So, I'm reading as quickly as I can, and still not catching up!  

Two books that have been sent my way that were fun to read, but a little out of my normal reading diet are The Daddy Diaries by Joshua Braff and It's a Ball by J. Morgan McGrady.

The Daddy Diaries is Braff's third novel centering around Jay, who is Mr. Mom while his wife works outside the home. The family relocated to Florida from San Francisco after Jackie lost her job and finds a new one far from their home.  Jay's son is entering his teen years and the move and puberty are a struggle.  Parts of this book were funny and I could relate to the family's struggles.  There are a few negatives to this book.  The first is that there is plenty of references to s-e-x.  Braff does not shy away from sharing private details of his characters' lives and nothing is off limits  - from a thirteen year old going through puberty and showing his "pubes"  to Jay's sex life, it is all detailed in this book.  So, reader beware.  

Aside from maybe a little more private information than necessary, this book is entertaining and provides a realistic idea of what life would be like with a Mr. Mom in the house.

It's a Ball by J. Morgan McGrady is a novel based on the tennis culture in Austin, Texas.  Although I hesitate to use the word "raunchy," - the blurb on the book uses that exact word, which is an apt description. This book is far out of the type I would pick up normally, although I loved playing tennis as a teenager.  This is a fun book, and it is a quick, entertaining read.  I laughed many times while reading, which is a comical look at at the tennis culture with a little (or a lot) of exaggeration. Although this book may appeal to women more, it is certainly a fun story for all readers.  And, even though I found this story very humorous, there is a little undercurrent about friendship and women as well.  A nice beach read for the summer, perhaps?

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Kay said...

There's a tennis culture in Austin? Sorry, I never knew and I'm from Austin. LOL