Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Salon: Memorial Day Weekend, the Whole30, and a Finger Update

The Memorial Day holiday is upon us and I am feeling a little bit like it's summer, even though school doesn't end until Friday.  

We've done some relaxing, shopping, cooking and cleaning.  So far there hasn't been much time for reading, but I'm hoping this evening I can get a bit more of that in.

Today is my husband's birthday which we celebrated with grilled salmon, rice, asparagus, watermelon, and a cookies and cream cake.  I was able to eat several of those things which tasted great!

The Whole30 that I am in the middle of is going well.  I eat really good food.  

Almond flour pancakes for breakfast with pure pomegranate juice as the syrup is my breakfast favorite.

Another favorite is sweet potato nachos with ground beef and guacamole

I am being very inventive and creative with what I make and liking a lot of what I am eating. I'm not imposing this diet on my husband and children - who would hate it! - so I'm feeling good that I've made it halfway without cheating despite having temptations all over my house.

Apparently eating like this makes me think about food a lot since I now have three pictures of food in this post!

My finger is healing up.  The picture below is only for those with strong stomachs.

The stitches are now out and I am waiting for the fingernail to fall off.  I still have to keep it covered and need to go see the doctor in two more weeks so he can check to see if I am able to bend it.  I started running on Friday and after a week of doing nothing it felt good (but tiring) to do something that exerted some energy.

The week ahead is full of lots of "lasts" at school as another school year ends.  There is a lot to do and although I'm looking forward to summer, I'm sad to see this year ending already.

Enjoy your Memorial Day, friends!


Kay said...

Your food pictures look yummy! Love salmon. And your finger looks painful, but good to hear that it is getting better. That whole thing kind of makes me shiver. LOL

Enjoy your last week of school!

Ti said...

The finger looks good! I can see it slowly coming together.

That food you shared really does sound yummy. I need to do something about my intake. I've been contaminated by gluten three times in three weeks and my body is one large, inflamed mess. The right side of my throat is closed and I ate the offending food maybe 4 days ago?? Better with Benadryl but can't handle it at work.

In other words, I may need to look into this whole food thing because I am toxic at the moment.