Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Regret Nothing

Jen Lancaster first came on my radar with her memoir Bitter is the New Black.  I have read most - but not all - of her books, and can always be guaranteed a good laugh.

I Regret Nothing is another memoir by Lancaster, this one embracing her forty-plus age range she finds herself in, looking forward to life's second act and thinking of it as an opportunity.

Jen takes a trip to Savannah with her girlfriends, teaches herself how to refinish old furniture, travels to Rome, and even gets her first ultrasound as she approaches perimenopause.  And every single story is funny.

Growing up in the same decade as Lancaster (for the record, I am younger!), I understand her references to the icons of our past, something that might be lost in translation with older and younger generations, but which makes me feel like Jen and I are good friends.

The ending of I Regret  Nothing especially appealed to me as Jen tries to lose weight and embark on a healthier lifestyle.  As I am attempting to work on that myself, Lancaster's own quest allowed me to connect with her and realize that we are constantly learning and changing, and that even though this may be Lancaster's "second act" there is a lot to enjoy.

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