Monday, April 20, 2015

The One That Got Away

I consider myself more of a women's fiction type of reader than a romance reader.  However, I like a good love story from time to time.  

The One That Got Away by Bethany Chase has been compared to Emily Giffin and Jennifer Weiner's books which was enough for me to know I wanted to read it.

Sarina is feeling good about the life she is building for herself in Austin, Texas.  She has an architecture business that is growing and is looking forward to getting engaged to and marrying her long time boyfriend, Noah.  

And then Eamon Roy shows up.  The last time Sarina saw Eamon she slept with him - the only one night stand she has ever had.  After that night she never heard from him again, but has spent a lot of time thinking about him.

When the two meet up the physical attraction is still there, and the fact that her boyfriend is away working in South America for months at a time doesn't help.  When she and Noah do see each other it seems they want different things from life, making Sarina question their relationship further.

Although this story was a little predictable, it didn't matter at all to me.  I loved the romance, the attraction between Eamon and Sarina, and the misunderstandings that added a bit of suspense about whether the two would find happiness with each other.

I will admit to a rough start with this novel, which begins with a discussion over p*n*s pops or p*n*s shot glasses.  Although it was an attention getter, I feel that there are some readers that would be instantly turned off, not giving the story a chance.  

Even with this dicey beginning, I was hooked by chapter 2, and will be anxiously waiting the next book by Chase.


Kay said...

Well, I should probably try this one just for the fact that it is set in Austin and I could look for local stuff. :-)

Ti said...

Okay, sounds like a very strange beginning.