Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday Salon: Early Morning Edition

It's officially spring break and we are kicking off our spring break with a trip to the Mall of America with my music teacher friend, Crystal, and her two daughters. This is the third annual trip to the MOA for break, and this year we've decided to stay overnight since cramming everything into just one day is almost impossible.  We'll be departing a bit later this morning, which gives me time to pack a few things and get my books in a bag that I want to read (the books are perhaps the most important part).

The weather here is beautiful - unseasonably warm, and it really feels like spring. This upcoming week the temps are supposed to be a bit more normal for this time of year, but I have enjoyed opening a window or two and hanging out in the sun.

My sister and nephew stopped on Friday night for a while, and yesterday Little Sister had a playdate.

Little Sister and my nephew

I'll be technology free (aside from my phone) for the next day and a half, which shouldn't cause me anxiety, but it is amazing how tethered to my computer I am.  This will be a good break.

I have also returned a stack of books that I never managed to read. The perk of working at a library is that I can keep renewing things over - and over and over.  However, after a certain span of time, I just have to give up.  

I'm hoping someday I will find time to read these titles, which all still look good to me.

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone enjoys their day! I'll report in on our trip next Sunday.


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Kay said...

Tina, have a great time on your trip. And, yes, the books are the most important part right? Made me laugh about your "going back" stack. Just be sure and check out the Elizabeth Haynes book again. LOL

Ti said...

Our spring break here at work is the week of April 6 and for the first time ever, it coincides with the kids but we can't afford to go anywhere and my husband can't take the time off from work and our campus is technically open so I will be here.

I hope you have a wonderful time!