Thursday, March 19, 2015

North of the Tension Line

To me, North of the Tension Line is a term that makes me think of suspense.  Yet, in a novel by that same name, North of the Tension Line refers to the uppermost tip of Wisconsin's Door County - Washington Island.

Fiona moves to Ephraim, Wisconsin, a small town by her city girl standards.  She already feels a little out of her element in this little burg, but is very intrigued by an old home that comes up for sale on Washington Island.  Although Fiona is intrigued, she is also a bit disgusted by the house when she visits. However, a friendly dare from her good friend to spend winter on the island is readily accepted and Fiona sets off for a remote season north of the tension line.

North of Tension Line is a slow paced novel, much like small town life, centered more around characters than plot.  

Riordan also does a fantastic job of describing the setting - so much so that I couldn't help but envision a vacation to Door County myself.

This novel won't appeal to those looking for something fast paced, but is well written with likeable and engaging characters, and a look at small town life.

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Ti said...

What turns her off about the house?