Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Five

So, I know Easter is still like 3 weeks away, but I am trying to think ahead just a bit.  And, if you need any ideas for a daughter's Easter basket, it's better to get that idea now, and not the week of Easter.  Here's a little of what I plan to put in the Easter baskets at our house.

Junk Headbands are on Middle Sister's mind right now. She has been playing volleyball and soccer will start soon.  Everyone needs a stylish new headband, right?

Bath Bombs at Lush are going to be a suprise in their baskets.  I know this item isn't on their list of things they want because they don't even know about them, but after watching a youtube video of them, I'm intrigued.

I've heard about Jamberry for a while, but never bought any of these DIY fingernails.  Considering I think about my own nails only when I need them trimmed, they aren't often on my radar.  But.....they are way cute. And each girl is getting a set in their baskets. My friend, Denise, has offered to actually apply them to my daughters' nails, which means they will actually get done - and look good.

A new pair of flip flops from Little Miss Matched because by Easter in Iowa, we are ready to put away our winter cothes- and shoes!  

Now everything else is for the kids, but I would love to find these Converse sneakers in my Easter basket.  I am really loving the polka dots.  

This Friday Five has really got me thinking spring. It's been 60 degrees the past few days and I am enjoying every minute of it.

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Ti said...

The bath bombs from Lush are so yummy! Your bathroom will smell good for days.

Love the polka dot Converse. I can't wear Converse, it seems. They are a little too flat for me. I have to wear Vans.